miercuri, 3 octombrie 2012

An angel need your help...

I started to give my apollogize because i bother you with my mail.We are the parents of a verry sick little girl and we need to know if you help us..I don t have no many then we can help our child..Please the soul if you can find a way to help.
We are from Romania. ANA-MARIA TUDOR is called, and is a beautiful 12 year old girl from Galati. At first glance, Ana seems to be a happy child. Prizes, scholarship, good ...But ... Ana suffers from
a terrible disease, a disease that was born, who overshadows teen ... Diagnosis is: Scoliosis serious back injury DEXTROCONVEXA FORM IMPORTANT CHANGES OF STATE AND Chest ...
We found a clinic in Germany which can operate but we need 15,000 euros to get there ..Please,help us! Our telephone number is: 0743502849 ... I opened for help us and 1 account; 

RON account:


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